Vision, Values & Mission
Vision, Values & Mission

Mercy College Student


Mercy College is a community whose members work in partnership towards the education of young people. With Christ as our guiding light and in the spirit of Catherine McAuley, we seek to recognise, appreciate and develop the gifts of all in a spirit of collaboration, love and service.

The College is committed to creating a climate where students can develop a love of learning. Our students are encouraged to be self-aware, tolerant, compassionate towards others and independent in thought and action, by contributing to the world in which they live and by maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

The Glory of God is a person fully alive.


Charged with the ministry of our vision statement, the College is committed to the following core values.

  • Justice
  • Compassion
  • Service
  • Excellence
  • Dignity


As a student centred College, we are dedicated to the life long education of the whole person, which includes all the components of the Curriculum Council requirements and to ensure that;  

Mercy Ethos

Mercy College graduates know the mission of Catherine McAuley and practise “Love in Action” in everyday life.

Faith Development

Mercy College graduates are aware of the teachings and practices of the Catholic faith and put these into action.  They show responsibility, confidence, respect for others, faithfulness, and courage to demonstrate their faith in the face of disapproval and/or ridicule.  They follow Jesus freely and with joy.  They show optimism, hopefulness, interest, curiosity and willingness to ask questions about their faith.  Their presence makes a difference in the world of others.

Moral Standards

Mercy College graduates demonstrate an understanding of the Catholic Ethos as a model for life, recognising Christ’s command “To love your neighbour as yourself”.  They are able to make moral choices based on the principles of social justice, concern for others and compassion before personal gain.

Self Esteem

Mercy College graduates have self-esteem and a profound sense of their goodness and capabilities. They accept their personal gifts, praise, criticism and limitations without their sense of self-being diminished.

Self Confidence

Mercy College graduates are self-confident and accept responsibility for, and the consequences of, their actions.  The graduates show a willingness to take risks, learn from failure, recognise that current practices can be improved, and ultimately cope with the demands of society.


Mercy College graduates are creative and persistent in their endeavour to be innovative and enterprising.  They are able to motivate themselves to attempt challenges and to produce original ideas, products and outcomes.  They enjoy the freedom to visualise and dream.


Mercy College graduates exhibit trustworthiness and loyalty to the College and fellow students through their participation in all aspects of College life.


Mercy College graduates are approachable, prepared to listen and sensitive to the needs and views of others.

In the Beginning


Critical Thinking Skills

Mercy College graduates show initiative in investigating, evaluating and making decisions from perceived alternatives, incorporating both independent and collaborative learning styles. 

Physical Health

Mercy College graduates participate in regular physical activity and understand the importance of nutrition and fitness to well being.

Environmental Awareness

Mercy College graduates are aware and respectful of their physical and community environment, recognising the need to be involved in the preservation, maintenance and improvement of it.

Heritage Awareness

Mercy College graduates understand Australia’s uniqueness and have an appreciation and recognition of its diverse natural, historic, cultural and religious heritage.

Technological Skills

Mercy College graduates are confident life-long learners using technology in a creative, skilled, knowledgeable and discerning manner, responsive to future changes.

Languages Other Than English

Mercy College graduates have had the opportunity to communicate in a language other than English.  They recognise and interact with people and cultures other than their own and have skills they can use in future social, cultural and vocational areas.


Mercy College graduates are aware of their role and responsibilities as active citizens of the College, the wider community, the nation and the world.


Mercy College graduates are confident in their ability to use the English Language as a vehicle for communication, a tool for thinking, a means for creativity and a source of pleasure enabling them to communicate verbally and non-verbally in all aspects of reading, writing, speaking, listening and viewing. 


Mercy College graduates will have the knowledge and skills required to effectively manage the mathematical demands of diverse daily situations.