Primary Team 


Head of Primary - Yvonne Liebeck 

Assistant Principal (Religion) - Jackie Holbrook 
Assistant Principal (Admin) - Luke Sirolli

Primary Administration Officer - Kirstine Leavers

Classroom Teachers

Kindy Chi: Mrs Janelle Mcnamee
Kindy Rho: Mrs Anita Short
Pre Primary Chi: Ms Bianca Forte
Pre Primary Rho: Ms Lisa Ray
Year 1 Chi: Mrs Dani Scaddan
Year 1 Rho: Ms Jacinta Kikalis
Year 2 Chi: Ms Sinead Donnellan
Year 2 Rho: Mrs Kelsey Robinson
Year 3 Chi: Mrs Mary-Ann Morley
Year 3 Rho: Ms Leanne Potts
Year 4 Chi:  Ms Alycia Della Vedova
Year 4 Rho: Mrs Alison Barnard
Year 5 Chi: Mr Cody Keenan
Year 5 Rho: Mrs Annie Mitchell
Year 6 Chi: Mrs Stephanie Gullotto
Year 6 Rho: Mrs Susan Manfredi

primary-mercy-collegeSpecialist Teachers

Learning Support: Mrs Carmel Gentelli-Pace
Arts: Mr Stephen Jeffrey
ICT: Mrs Sandra Mullaney
Japanese: Mrs Junko Bycroft
Science: Mrs Jose Emery
Physical Education: Mr Leigh Willison
Extension English: Mrs Mairi Deeny

Education Assistants



  • Ms Teresa Tucker and Mrs Rosa Condra
  • Mrs Leoni Crosswell and Ms Hannah Dillon 

Pre-Primary: Ms Beth Keenan and Ms Leah Burton


  • Mrs Mary Eades (Aboriginal Liason)
  • Mrs Suzanne Howard
  • Mrs Sharon Wyllie
  • Mrs Laura Silla
  • Mrs Averill Marcello
  • Mrs Teresa Tucker
  • Mrs Jo White