2019 College Staff

Pastoral Team

Mrs Jennie Jago Deputy Principal (Pastoral and Community)
Mrs Jackie Holbrook Primary Assistant Principal (RE)
Mrs Melissa Traeger Head of Year Seven
Mr Mark Ross Head of Year Eight
Mr Andrew Landells Head of Year Nine
Ms Stacey Ward Head of Year Ten
Mrs Violet Bogunavich Head of Year Eleven
Mrs Simone Morgan Head of Year Twelve
Mrs Alisha Jones Coordinator of Counselling
Ms Liesa Franchina Youth Worker

Curriculum Team

Mr Greg Quinn

Deputy Principal (Teaching and Learning)

Mrs Donna Bird  Director of Infrastructure
Mr Ryan Lewis  Disabilities Support Coordinator
Mrs Katherine Ioppolo Head of Arts
Mr Stan May  Head of English
Mr Andy Coombs  Head of Mathematics
Mr Kim Panton Head of Physical Education and Health
Ms Liz Williams  Head of Religious Education
Mrs Amanda Huke  Head of Science
Mr Matt Clarke  Head of Humanities and Social Sciences
Mrs Antonietta Scriva Head of Vocational Education and Training
Mr Don Vinciullo  Head of Design and Technology
Mrs Alison Peterson  Head of Home Economics
Mr Trim Morgan  Head of Soccer Academy 


Chaplaincy Team

Mrs Melissa Cartner

Director of Mission

Mrs Jackie Holbrook Primary Assistant Principal (RE)
Fr Albert Saminedi (Sam)  College Chaplain
Mrs Carmel Gentelli-Pace Sacristan
Mr Drew Griffith Liturgical Assistant
Ms Karen Wilson Christian Service Learning Coordinator