McAuley Library

 "To read is to empower, to empower is to write, to write is to influence, to influence is to change, to change is to live" - Jane Evershed

Mercy College Library celebrates the diverse cultures and learning styles of our K-12 student community.

The College acknowledges the importance of the McAuley Library by naming it after the founder of the Sisters of Mercy, Catherine McAuley. Catherine McAuley placed great value on education, just as Mercy College and in turn, the McAuley Library, places great value on education.


Empower students to become information literate, independent learners who have a passion for reading.


Mercy College Library

Mercy College Library aims to:

  • Support the Mercy ethos of the College.
  • Provide a supportive learning environment that is responsive to students' personal, physical and instructional needs.
  • Support the educational outcomes of the School Curriculum and Standards Authority.
  • Provide a professionally managed collection of information resources and technologies that enable student learning outcomes and literacy levels to improve.
  • Provide scaffolding for students to engage in information in meaningful ways, enabling them to construct new knowledge and understanding.
  • Encourage the love of reading for interest and pleasure, and students’ exploration of the wider world through books.
  • Collaborate with teachers to plan and implement real, rich and relevant learning opportunities for students.

Mercy College Drop Everything and Read
Opening Hours

8am - 5.00pm Monday - Thursday 
8am - 3.30pm Friday

Supervision by Library staff ceases at 5.00pm & 3.30pm respectively


To contact the library:

Phone: 9247 9286