Ms Alisha Jones (Coordinator of Counselling), Ms Liesa Franchina (Youth Worker) and Mrs Nadia Fazzari (Primary School Psychologist) have extensive experience in school counselling and work with individuals and groups to assist students on their journey through life. Parents may also be assisted by one of the school counsellors who can provide information and support on issues involving child development and parenting.

While counselling at school has an important place, it is only one part of a broader, collective response by the community to the issues faced by young people. Mercy College is supported by a range of local community agencies which can provide specialised services if required. Agencies such as headspace, headspace -School Support, Mercy Reconnect, Youth Focus, the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service and the Non-Government Schools Psychology Service all play an important role in supporting our students.

Mercy College's school counsellors welcome contact from all members of the College community.