Year 7 Welcome

Year Seven marks the first year that students enter the secondary school and commence their transition year. This new beginning can be a daunting time for some students as they are faced with changes to their routines as well as the expectations placed on them. It is a time when students begin to develop a sense of who they are and where they fit into their world.


Mercy College provides outstanding pastoral support to the Year Seven students through their Pastoral Care (PC) teachers. The Year Seven team is made up of outstanding educators from an array of learning areas at the College who are committed to supporting students during this important time. Each Year Seven student will have a PC teacher for the first session of each day to create a sense of belonging. A student’s Form teacher may also be one of their subject teachers. This means your child will effectively have contact with their PC teacher for one hour each day, providing a level of continuity and allowing an early bond to form with this dedicated staff member. The pastoral care provided during the designated PC time, the Wednesday weekly extended PC class period and academic progress are inextricably linked. Academic progress is linked to pastoral care in its attention to positive learning and developmental outcomes including knowledge of self, self-efficacy, healthy risk-taking, goal setting, negotiation, reflection and empowerment.



Year Seven provides great opportunities for students to join the various groups, clubs and teams on offer at the College. This is a great way to take part in something that students love doing and to make new friends. Each year, the Year Seven students attend a camp for four days that includes opportunities to make new friends in a challenging and team building environment. They work through a range of activities based on ‘challenge by choice’ experiences. It is during this time that many of the students learn what it means to be a friend, challenge themselves and form friendships that will last them many years.

I sincerely hope that your child has an enjoyable start to their secondary school journey and I look forward to working in partnership with you to make this happen.

Mrs Melissa Traeger | Head of Year Seven