Religious Education

The Religious Education curriculum at Mercy College aims to help students know and understand the teachings of the Gospel of Jesus Christ as proclaimed by the Catholic Church and to live the Gospel in the world today.

Faith development is an integral part of both the Religious Education curriculum and the liturgical celebrations all students participate in at Mercy College. The Religious Education Learning Area is the first priority of Catholic schools. It aims to promote knowledge and understanding of the Gospel that has been handed on by the Catholic Church to those who follow Christ in today's world. Lessons are structured in such a way that students can develop an understanding of how Jesus through his Church, teaches all that is needed for people to live as God wants. The study of Religious Education is compulsory for all students in Catholic schools. It is taught with the same rigour as other courses.

The Religious Education teaching and learning program is based upon student needs and the mandated curriculum issued by the Archbishop of Perth. The mandated curriculum from Years 7 to 10 is contained in the 'Come Follow Me' electronic resource books produced by Catholic Education Western Australia. The program is tailored to challenge students to a variety of intellectual, moral and social issues.


The Religious Education Learning Area at Mercy College offers Years 11 and 12 students a choice of either the Religion and Life General course or the Religion and Life ATAR course. Students study the School Curriculum and Standards Authority (SCSA) approved course of study using the Catholic faith as the foundation of their studies.

Across all year groups, Students at Mercy College are given opportunities to develop their faith and spirituality through participation in reflections, retreats, prayer and liturgies, which compliments the curriculum in the Religious Education Learning Area and enables students to put the Christian understanding of Love in Action into their life.


Mrs Liz Williams | Head of Religious Education