Physcial Education & Health

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Mr Toby Lewis - Head of Learning Area

Physical Education at Mercy College provides students with an understanding of health issues and the skills needed for confident participation in sport and recreation activities. It enables students to make responsible decisions about physical activity and to promote their own and others’ health and well-being. Physical Education takes place in an enjoyable learning environment in which students are able to experience success and improve their perception of body image.

The focus of the Physical Education Program is preparation and skills development. This enables students to meaningfully engage in the enhancement of skills in a variety of contexts. The focus of learning is developing lifelong skills for the enhancement of physical education and health.

Students are encouraged to work hard, not only to improve their individual performances, but also to understand the positive effects of regular exercise on the body. Learning to cooperate, sportsmanship and competing as part of a team are seen as very important parts of each student’s development.

Mercy College delivers a number of pathways for students to extend their understanding through the ATAR, General, and Vocational Education Training courses in Years 11 and 12. This year we are continuing our SPORT programs from Years 7-10 where students to get the opportunity to participate in a range of lifestyle activities including, yoga, pilates, beach volleyball, squash, boxercise, martial arts and golf to name a few.

The College also teaches the more traditional sports such as Tennis, Volleyball, Badminton, Netball, Basketball, and Touch Football with the General Physical Education program. All staff within the Physical Education department strive to ensure that physical activity is an enjoyable and rewarding experience.