Humanities & Social Sciences

From Years 7 to 10, Humanities and Social Sciences consists of Civics and Citizenship, Economics and Business, Geography and History. At Mercy College, students engage with units of study lasting one term per year in each of these areas.

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Throughout the course of their time studying Humanities, students develop increasing independence in critical thinking and skills application. These include questioning, researching, analysing, evaluating, communicating and reflecting. They apply these skills to investigate events, developments, issues and phenomena, both historical and contemporary. 

Students will explore the following topics across their time in Years 7 to 10.

History: The ancient world, including ancient China; medieval Europe and the Black Death; the Industrial Revolution and World War I; World War II and the development of rights and freedoms.

Geography: Water in the world, and place and liveability; landforms and landscapes, and urbanisation; biomes and food security, and interconnections; environmental change and management; and human wellbeing.

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Economics and Business: Producing and consuming in the modern world; the marketplace and those participating in it; Australia and the global economy; economic performance and living standards.

Civics and Citizenship: Understanding our political system; democracy and law in action; our democratic rights; justice at home and overseas.

Humanities and Social Sciences courses in Years 11 and 12 are available to students pursuing both ATAR and General pathways. Current ATAR subjects offered are Business Management and Enterprise, Accounting and Finance, Modern History, Geography and Economics, with the aim of establishing Politics and Law as an ATAR subject from 2019. Students on a General pathway can undertake Accounting and Finance or a range of Certificate courses that have strong ties to Humanities. Upper school students studying HASS subjects are provided with a strong sense of the ever-changing world around them, and develop lifelong skills in communication, analysis, empathy, teamwork and motivation.

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The HASS Department to congratulates Miss Caroline Nevin and her 2017 ATAR BME class for ranking in the top 10 schools in Western Australia for the subject which is an outstanding achievement.

The Humanities and Social Sciences department is staffed by an accomplished team of teachers who possess a wide range of proficiencies and backgrounds and who blend experience with youthful synergism. 


 Mr Matt Clarke | Head of HASS, History