The subject of English, at its very best, is about far more than spelling correctly or even communicating clearly. Although spelling is important and it is hard to overstate the value of clear communication, the teaching and learning that happen in English can move beyond even these lofty goals.

Students are asked to deal with increasingly complex and subtle ideas and to apply these abstractions to the study of various texts and examples from the real world. This ability to adapt to and manipulate abstract ideas is exactly what will be required of them in the rapidly changing world in which we find ourselves.

Staff and students hope to mould deep thinkers who read with insight and communicate with clarity, precision, accuracy and power. This is the ideal to which we all strive in English at Mercy College.

With this in mind, we offer a wide variety of courses that are designed to cater to the diverse needs of students in lower and upper school. We also offer after school tutorials for all students from Years Seven to Twelve on Wednesday afternoons. In recognition of the specific pressures on Year Twelve students, a second tutorial is offered on Thursday afternoons.

It is our firm and fervent desire that all students at Mercy College make the most of every opportunity to develop their ability to communicate clearly about simple practical ideas and subtle abstractions. Students who do this are likely to be the adaptable and powerful citizens that the world will need in the twenty first century.

Mr Stan May | Head of English