Year Twelve Dance Camp

Found in: Secondary


Students studying General and ATAR Dance in Year Twelve had a wonderful opportunity to attend a weekend intensive camp last weekend. Students were treated to lovely accommodation staying at the Sorrento Beach resort for two nights. Each day students walked a short 200 metres up the road to Sacred Heart College where they participated in a variety of workshops with industry professionals.

The main aim of the camp was for students to work intensively on exam based material but also to learn many skills and techniques that they will be able to take with them when creating dance works. The main highlights included Yoga and Pilates to start each morning followed by working with WA’s professional contemporary dance company, CO3. This was an amazing experience for the students dancing alongside dancers that they have previously seen on stage at professional performances over the years. 

The dancers taught our students a variety of contemporary phrases followed by repertory work. Learning the repertory work was a highlight for many as they got to learn part of a professional routine that will be performed in September at Heath Ledger Theatre. To end the workshops on the first day the company dancers sat down with our students and talked to them about their own solos and helped develop ideas to make them really interesting and unique. After dancing for seven hours Nutritionist Ash Doig came and spoke to our students about myths with food and gave the students many tips about healthy eating during their exams and when performing. They all received a healthy afternoon snack and a lovely food planning and recipe file each to take home. To end off a very long day we walked to Hillarys Boat Harbor for dinner at California Pizza!

On the second day of workshops the students were very sore but a class of Pilates really helped. Amy Wiseman, from Unkempt Dance worked with the students the rest of the day with practical exam based activities. After a morning of contemporary technique, Amy broke down the set solo and got students to perfect their movement. Later in the afternoon students worked on a variety of composition based tasks relating to their solos as well as some work on structured improvisation. Students had a wonderful weekend; they walked away sore but inspired ready to take on the final home run of Dance at Mercy College and complete their ATAR dance exams. 

Eleisha Hathaway | Dance Coordinator