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A couple of weeks have passed since the Mercy Primary Interhouse Swimming Carnival was held on what turned out to be a very overcast and stormy day. Nonetheless, the weather held out and the Mercy students were terrific with their behaviour and endeavour. It was great to see the different abilities participating at various levels. Whether they were racing off for the medals, showing their improvements over 50 or 25m, or whether they were just having fun during the free swim and noodle relays, the students looked like they were enjoying the experience. It’s very important for them to feel the ‘team’ atmosphere and that’s what carnivals aim to deliver. It was probably most evident in the last few relays, when students in all House bays were on their feet and cheering home the close finishes.

We are starting to see the benefits now of a few years of Swim Squad training with Sharon Smith. Those children who have been consistent with their attendance have developed considerably, many of them noticeably on the day.

A big thank you to those parents who were lucky enough to attend and cheer on the children. Parental support is very important at carnivals and I hope you enjoyed the day despite the uncomfortable weather. At the end of the day, the points were close, but there was no denying the champions for 2017 – AUGUSTINE!!!

The school has intentionally set up the swimming carnival to follow directly on from swimming lessons, held a couple of weeks earlier. For many children this now brings to an end the swimming program for another year. It is hoped families will work hard over the coming year to expose their children to more swimming lessons and more swimming experiences leading into 2018. On the other hand, there will be a small group of children who have now been selected to continue their swimming for another few weeks leading into our NIPSSA Interschool Carnival. Good luck.

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750 O’DEA