Early Learning Education at Mercy College

Found in: Primary


What a fantastic start to 2017 for the youngest children in our school! The Kindergarten and Pre-Primary students have settled in really well to this next stage of their learning journeys.

In Kindergarten we have spent the first part of this term learning new routines, learning other peoples’ names and making new friends. We have focused on the uniqueness of individuals and how everybody is special. We have also done lots of activities involving shapes and colours and identifying them in our environment. Last week we participated in the school’s Healthy Eating Day by making a healthy sandwich made out of collage materials. Our teachers brought in a variety of fruits and vegetables for us to use in a number of ways such as weighing, stamping and observational paintings. With Easter soon approaching we look forward to participating in more fun activities!

In Pre-Primary our focus has been introducing letters and sounds to the students through our fun friends which include Andy Ant and Peperoni Pizza. We are now beginning to use our sound knowledge to help us read and write simple words. In Week Four we were lucky enough to have PMH run a two hour incursion where the students had an amazing time role playing doctors and nurses which included a range of dress ups and using crutches. We learnt all about what will happen if we get sick and have to go to hospital…and it isn’t that scary! We look forward to continuing to have fun and learning more during the rest of the term.