Visual Arts

Found in: Primary & Secondary




It has been a great start to Visual Art this term. Belinda Kerr has been working with Years Five to Nine creating and exploring an amazing range of art styles and artists.

Year Fives have created ceramic diner food for Grease, Year Sixes are working on 3D lighthouse collages, Year Sevens are creating ceramic sculpture based on Shaun Tan’s book The Singing Bones,Year Eights have been inspired by Stormie Mills to produce lino prints, Year Nines have explored Surrealism to create ceramic teapots and Years Five to Seven art extension students explored expressive painting styles to a sunset.

Year Ten students have explored printmaking with collagraphs and drypoint etching and are in the middle of learning watercolour, acrylic and oil painting techniques. Year Eleven General and ATAR are exploring the relationship between humans and animals. Year Twelve General are painting large scale self-portraits inspired by the artist Max Gasparini and Year Twelve ATAR students are finalising their social commentary designs.

Year Eleven and Twelve students are enjoying their Friday afternoon art workshops where they can learn different oil painting techniques or work on their artworks.

Ms Meredith Burke | Visual Art Coordinator