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Harmony Day Art Poster Winners

Every year our Mercy art students are invited to produce creative posters for the ‘Office of Janine Freeman, Member for Mirrabooka Schools Harmony Day Poster Competition’. This year, we had many poster entries with some very creative ideas and interpretations of what Harmony Day means to them. Thank you to all the students who entered their posters and congratulations to the following students who will be receiving a certificate at the next Academic Assembly for the following awards.

  • Ajla Kadic 9MP (1st Prize)
  • Stephanie Kho 7MP (2nd Prize)
  • Sian Gabrielson 9AX (Commendation)
  • Sarah Ulrich 8AX (Commendation)
  • Louise Carr 7AP (Commendation)
  • Ethan Halesmith 7MX (Commendation)

Art Extension Workshops
The Visual Arts Department is now running Art Extension Workshops every Term whereby our art students are given an opportunity to extend their skills in a smaller group setting. Our first workshop with Mrs Mathews and Mrs Wilson was a success which Year Ten art students able to experience and explore the medium of oil paint in preparation for further developing their knowledge next year. They learned how to mix skin tone colours and produce a realistic eye.

Mrs Arohanoa Mathews | Visual Arts Coordinator








Sandra Bryans Sewanista Fashion Workshops

Sandra Bryans from Sewanista Fashion Workshops has been in this week working with the Year 12 Certificate II Applied Fashion Design and Technology students. She has been demonstrating to the Year 12 students the process of how sewing patterns are created in the fashion industry. The students have begun to learn how a sketch can be turned into a garment via a pattern (template). They will be using these skills to create their own patterns for the designs they have been creating this term.

Sandra Bryans runs free style sewing classes from her studio in Malaga.

Sewanista Fashion Workshops
5b/31 Century Rd
Malaga 6090
Find her on Facebook: Sewanista Fashion Workshops

Ms Sophie Luck | Secondary Teacher