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Secondary News

Year Eleven General Art

Congratulations to our Year Eleven General Art Students.

Mrs Wilson’s Year Eleven Art General students Massa Sheriff, Sandy Nguyen, Nardos Tsegay and Katyln Carroll were selected to display their sculptures at this years 16th Annual St Georges Art Exhibition at St Georges Cathedral. This is a presitigious exhibition and for our students to be offered this experience it has been a very positive acknowledgement of their skills.

Mrs Arohanoa Mathews | Visual Arts Coordinator

Year Eleven - Children, Family and Community

During Term Two, the Year Eleven Children, Family and Community students were given the task to plan, prepare, trial and evaluate a language experience for the Year One students. The Year Elevens had to consider the significant cost of raising a child and how they could make their experience engaging and educational with a budget of $10. The students rationed their money and made sure to recycle scraps of felt where possible to ensure they do not run out of money. The Year Elevens loved getting to know the Year One students and sharing their stories with them.

Ms Sophie Luck | Secondary Teacher


Due to our ongoing partnership with the University of Western Australia, thirty Year Nine students had the opportunity to participate in the ASPIRE Race Around the Campus on Monday 25 June. The students were able to participate in a real life experience of a day in the life of a university student. Thank you to Miss Stephanie Guerrini for acompanying the students on the day.

Mrs Jennie Jago | Deputy Principal

Murdoch University Science club workshops

On Wednesday 13 June and Wednesday 20 June Murdoch University’s education outreach team visited our Science Club. The two workshops undertaken were:

1. Blood stain pattern analysis
Using the same mathematical calculations as a forensic scientist, students

  • analysed blood stain patterns to determine the area of convergence of the scene
  • analysed blood drop shape to determine the angle of impact
  • analysed blood drops to determine the area of the origin of the blood source to prove / disprove witness statements.

2. Water rocket launching
By altering the volume of water in the rocket and the angle of inclination of the launching station students analysed the distance and height rockets flew.

A great time was had by all.

Mrs Amanda Huke | Head of Science


VAC is Back! - Outside School Hours Care

YMCA Mercy OSHC is so excited to spread the news that our Vacation Care Program is coming back! Watch this space for our jam-packed September/October program, with 4 excursions per week and fun incursions for children aged 4-12yrs.

Our program will be available for families to book in on the early bird rate of $70 from week 5, Term 3. For more information please contact Alana on 0407 048 758 or

We also have current vacancies for before & after school care.

News from the CAVE

Congratulations to Rachel Knuckey who is a 2018 WA Training Award Finalist!

Rachel will compete against four other students in the School-Based Apprentice of the Year category at the Awards night on September 28th.

In order to make the finals Rachel completed a lengthy application form with assistance from the CAVE and attended an interview as a semi-finalist over the school holidays.

If she is successful in winning her category she will not only win a monetary prize but also be an ambassador for Training WA and have the opportunity to attend the National Awards in November.

We are extremely proud of her and her exceptional efforts in both her traineeship at NAB Bank and her schooling. She is already a wonderful ambassador for Mercy College.

Mrs Antonietta Scriva | Head of Vocational Education and Training

Year Eleven Business Conference

On Wednesday 27 June, our Year Eleven students visited Murdoch University to participate in a Business conference organised by Engaging Education. There were 225 students from 11 schools who attend the conference. We participated in workshops on:

  • Factors of Business Success and Failure - Finance
  • Innovation and Growth and
  • Recruitment and Selection.

Mercy College won the prize draw and Demelza Leonard from Boss Mode Radio will be coming to the College, to engage musically with our students. It was a great day to learn about business and marketing. Words of wisdom if you are going to start a business:

  • Have a business plan and goal
  • Set your values early
  • What is your point of difference?
  • Branding and target market should be your last priority
  • Be a team player, smile, be positive and develop your soft skills including your emotional and social intelligence.

Mrs Matthews and Mrs Jago

Year Twelve Retreat

The Year Twelve Residential Retreat at New Norcia from Wednesday 13 to Friday 15 June focused on the year group showing their true colours as individuals delved into who they are. Spiritually, students examined their conscience, dissolved their sins and celebrated Mass with College Chaplain, Fr Sam.

Artistically students made masks and painted them in their own unique fashion. Emotionally, students explored their family relationships and reflected on the letters written to them by their parents or guardians. One highlight was the affirmations that students gave each other and some chose to write 200 "warm fuzzies" for every student, proving that new friendships have been made and the group have bonded as a year group.

Retreat would not have been possible without Mrs Bogunovich (Head of Year Twelve) and the amazing team of staff who gave up two nights with their own families: Ms Morgan, Mr Kiely, Ms Matthews, Ms Clark, Mr Gomes, Mr Oril, Ms Galea, Ms Franchina, Ms Busher, Ms Thaung, Ms Williams, Mr Pushpanathan, Ms Gentelli-Pace, Mr Dunn, Mr Restifo, Ms Ward, Ms Sorrenti, Mr Coggin and Mr Swaab. It is an absolute privilege working with such dedicated staff in a Catholic setting.

Mrs Melissa Cartner | Director of Mission


Toby Thomas - Year Eight

During the school holidays Toby Thomas, of Year Eight Augustine Rho, was nominated to try out for East Perth Football Club 14's development squad. Toby was successful in making the final selection and will compete in the 2018 program. Well done, Toby!