National Science week

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National Science Week

The theme for National Science Week this year was “Destination moon: more missions, more science – celebrating the 50th anniversary of the moon landing.” This was celebrated at Mercy College with the following activities:

• Monday 12 August: Chemical rocket launching.
• Tuesday 13 August: Viewing the 1969 moon landing.
• Wednesday 14 August: “Was the moon landing a conspiracy?” discussion.

Thursday 15 August: Moon landing photo booth and The Primary School Science Fair with moon phases cookies, moon landing photo booth, moon colouring in, postcard home from the moon, making craters on the moon, making edible moon rocks, building a moon habitat, making paper rockets and chemical rockets, and building your own space mission.

All activities were run under the guidance of the following high school Science Club members: Wendell Panganiban, Khoa Vo, Caitlin Nguyen, Helen Huynh, Brandon Le, Tiyana Perera, Angela Nguyen, Tony Nguyen, Nicole Diep, Sharon Tran, Dhevan Gopal, Lenny Vo, Khanh Nguyen, Johnny Phung and Brayden Kennedy-Wilcox.

Friday 16 August: Staff moon-themed morning tea.

My sincere thanks and appreciation of their efforts are extended to the Science Department staff, especially Ms Jo Farkas, without whom none of these events could have taken place.

Mrs Amanda Huke | Head of Science 

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