National Day of Action Against Bullying

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| National Day of Action Against Bullying

Mercy College celebrated the National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence on Friday 15 March.

Our celebration on the Friday and the week leading up it, was designed to allow our students the opportunity to take action and empower themselves to be part of the solution when addressing bullying in our College community. It provided staff and students the chance to focus on bullying and the changes we can all make to help create a safer College community.

In the week leading up to our National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence, students participated in awareness activities in Pastoral Care Group, and listened to inspiring music before the bell at the start of each day and also at the end of recess and lunch.

On Friday at lunch time, all of the awareness campaigning was showcased by the exciting atmosphere of students showing their support for action against bullying and violence. Inspirational music was played, the students created a ‘Lend a hand wall’ with messages of hope to lessen bullying within our community. All students wore a wrist band in support of the National Day of Action. They were invited to write their 2019 pledge to taking action against bullying and have their photos taken in our anti bullying photo booth.

Many thanks to Dana (Year Twelve) and Monique (Year Eleven) for their passion for mental health and well-being and for being the driving force behind the day. Thanks are also extended to the staff who assisted the students with the preparation and the logistics of organising such a wonderful event.

Mrs Alisha Jones | Coordinator of Counselling 

National Day of Action Against Bullying