Harmony Day

Found in: Primary & Secondary





The College community gathered to celebrate Harmony Day in the late afternoon and evening of March 21st. Harmony Day is an opportunity for all Western Australians to reflect upon, embrace and celebrate our cultural diversity. At Mercy College we come from many national backgrounds which we proudly acknowledge as bring- ing a richness to our identity as being Australian and in particular being members of the Mercy College communi- ty. We were celebrating the core message of “Everyone Belongs” where we focused on the values of mutual respect, fairness and a sense of belonging for everyone. Harmony Day is about community participation, inclu- siveness and respect: values that Jesus focused on 2000 years ago.

During the entrance procession a large contingent of students dressed in the national costume typical of their first culture, and representing the fifty-five nationalities which make up the fabric of or school, led Fr Sam to the stage area. A paraliturgy, with an emphasis on the College value of dignity, followed.

Some of the highlights of the evening’s activities were a welcome to Harmony Day in a selection of different languages, the liturgical choir and movement. The Seven Star Lion Dancing and Kung Fu Troupe performed on our Primary oval and we offered face painting and bouncy castles. It was great to see so many Sisters of Mercy, parents, ex students and families mingling at the food vans, over fairy floss and playing the multicultural games which added to the carnival feel.

It was a wonderful celebration and expression of our unity in diversity.


Mrs Melissa Cartner | Director of Mission